Freshman applicants are the students who are looking for bachelor’s program right after completing their class 12th. As a freshman applicant, university looks at all the aspects of the profile like extracurricular, sports and all other aspects including scores right from class 9th onwards. Hence, it is advisable for students looking for top universities in USA to start planning the things from class 9th and 10th onwards in order to achieve their dream university. Bachelors program in abroad countries vary from country to country and program to program. Alongside deciding the country, there are decisions to be made as to the suitable field for the candidate and type of universities that should be targeted.


In US, there are universities and then there are liberal art colleges. Universities are generally focused on core specialization, research area, have bigger class size and are divided across public, private and state universities. On the other hand liberal art institutions focus on the technical curriculum along with subjects focusing general knowledge and general intellectual capacities. Liberal art institutions have smaller class size and are categorized as private institutions


Finance is an integral part of education and lot of students miss out on high quality education as a result of absence of strong financial background. At scholarship advisor, the focus is not only to offer a desired university option to the candidate but also to attain maximum scholarships for our students. The key factors to obtain scholarship are good SAT/ACT scores, good profile and alongside right time to file the application. Few of the scholarship categories consist of the following:-

  • Presidential Scholarships
  • Merit Based
  • Need Based
  • Diversity Based
  • Leadership Skill Based
  • Time Based
  • External Scholarships

Application Timeline

  • SAT 1 during Class 11th
  • SAT 2 towards end of 11th or beginning of 12th(only if required by the university)
  • Application Process Commencement during 11th or towards end of class 11th – upon satisfactory achievement of SAT score else re-attempt the same.
  • Application filing for 100% scholarship latest by August(12 months before the intake commencement)
  • Sep to December – Offer letter received and more applications filed upon discussion with the student

What our advisors suggest?

Scholarship Advisor consists of team of advisors who have not only studied from the top universities like MIT, Amherst, UCLA and all but are also well versed about the aspects required to be covered in order to obtain scholarships at undergraduate level. We commence the application process 18 months prior to the date of commencement of program to ensure we have all the possible scholarship available for our students and are able to obtain 100% scholarships for them. Last year alone we served close to 100+ students at undergraduate out of which more than 80% students are studying at 100% scholarships in USA.

Freshman Admissions

At Scholarship Advisor, students who are primarily looking at 100% scholarship should commence the application process with us atleast 15-18 months prior to the Fall intake. Our scholarships are primarily dependent on ACT/SAT exam scores. These exams should be taken when the student enters class 11th as it enables the student to plan the university process accordingly and equally focus on the academics.

Application Process

Mastering the Process:

  • Application Forms
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • High School Transcripts
  • Standardized Tests
  • Interviews (if Applicable)

Advantages of Applying as A Freshman

Applying as a freshman in fall intake gives you the maximum advantage in terms of obtaining 100% scholarships at undergraduate level. There are few scholarships also available across spring intake but the same is rarely available as most of the endowment received by the university is allocated towards fall intake. Also, spring intake has very limited universities which are open for freshman admissions. Main benefits for applying as a freshman are:-

  • Maximum Scholarships are available for the student
  • Its more easy for the students to adapt themselves to the new environment  studies are comparatively lighter at the initial phases of the program
  • Always have an option to transfer to any university at a later stage of the program
  • Establishing a connect with the professors